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North Fork Jiu Jitsu welcomes you to our community of martial artists who encourage you to be your best self. No matter why you decide to train BJJ, we cater to various goals – getting fit, learning self-defense, or meeting new people. Classes at North Fork Jiu Jitsu are motivating and beginner-friendly to ensure you find your confidence. Are you ready for a better lifestyle? Start today by joining North Fork Jiu Jitsu in Cutchogue, New York.

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North Fork Jiu Jitsu

About Us:

North Fork Jiu Jitsu believes that you are the key to your own success. Your determination to learn and improve will make you unstoppable. We unlock the confidence you need to succeed on and off the mat. Our BJJ training is based on an understanding that everything you need to achieve greatness is already within you. Our instructors teach you how to harness your strength and understand your weaknesses in order to grow. Whether you simply want to exercise more or become a competitor, the North Fork Jiu Jitsu community will take you there.

Our History:

Owners Randy Nieves and Kristen Falek-Nieves opened North Fork Jiu Jitsu in Cutchogue during January 2020. Randy’s desire to open the Jiu Jitsu academy came from his love for the art. Meanwhile, Kristen was driven to share the confidence that martial arts gave her. Together, the duo continues to develop and foster the unique culture created by their community and students. As they navigate their early years of operation, Randy and Kristen are excited to open their arms to all individuals who want to improve their lives through BJJ.

Why It's Important

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Jiu Jitsu classes aren’t based simply on using brute strength. Training teaches you how to problem solve, be patient, and practice humility.

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Our Jiu Jitsu academy is rooted in encouraging and uplifting each other. You’ll have a support system with your peers and instructors.

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Martial arts helps you harness your confidence. You’ll earn your space on the mat and learn to not make yourself small to succeed.

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North Fork Jiu Jitsu doesn’t accept excuses, instead we learn to adapt and overcome.

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We invite all individuals to train at North Fork Jiu Jitsu! We take pride in our beginners program and building strong martial artists from the ground up.

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North Fork Jiu Jitsu

32845 Main Rd Suite B, Cutchogue, NY 11935

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